Compmore.Net offers Virtual Domain services to users who wish to have a custom Internet address There are numerous advantages to obtaining a virtual domain.

The main reason is to generate a more positive pressence on the Internet. Individuals are more likely to deal with companies that own their own domain, in that it does provide a level of security and awareness to the user. It also allows you to create e-mail addresses that are associated with your domain name. Finally, it relays the message that you are commited to your business and customers. This is important because of the rapid increase of Internet users who expect to recieve current information and support on a wide range of products. When you advertise and publish your domain and business, you are showing your commitment to your customers.

At Compmore.Net, we are also commited to our customers. Therefore we have introduced several new Virtual Domain packages, that make it easy for any company to obtain and run a Virtual Domain.

Setting up your Virtual Domain is easy ... just give us a call during normal business hours and we can discuss your needs, or fax you a copy of the submission form right away!

Just look at all the features you get:

  • 20 megs of disk space for your Corporate Website
  • 5 E-mail accounts, with unlimited aliases on each account
  • Complete access statistics
  • CGI-BIN directory
  • No monthly bandwidth charges
  • No setup or disconnect fees
  • We'll register your Domain name with either Internic or the Canadian Domain Registrar free of charge in your name
  • Low yearly price of $300.00 CDN with no hidden fees!!
If you'd like to register or search for a .com, .net, or .org address with us, enter the name above (i.e. and click 'Go'. If you'd like to search to see if a .ca name is available, click here. It is recommended that you contact to register a .ca name due to values that will be asked of you.

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