Web tips for better design and site flow.

First impressions are oh so important in the business world, and how visitors first view your web site is no exception. If your business is presently on the web , or your considering placing a business on the internet, here are a few tips we've discovered:

a) Answer your e-mail in a TIMELY manner. (Don't take a week to answer. Nobody likes to be kepted waiting).
b) Try to keep your graphic images under 50k. Use thumb nail images (5k), and offer the option to view a larger version.
c) Keep page loading times in mind. Use text liberally and graphic images conservatively.
d) Background colors and textures are fine, but remember this simple rule. With dark backgrounds, use a light colored text. Light backgrounds, use a dark colored text. If you find the text difficult to read, try another color. Do not use too many neon colored screens. Visitors find this tiring on the eyes.
e) This is a personal preference, but I prefer to use menus linked to several pages as opposed to one long scrolling page which takes forever to load.
f) Keep your information current. Let visitors know when something is new and improved.
g) Don't put up new pages on your site until they are thoroughly tested and completed.
h) Check your spelling and grammer ( We're guilty of this one ourselfs).
i) Use the width= and height= options in your img tags. This will allow your text to be displayed almost instantly, giving your visitors something to view while waiting for the images to load.
j) Use tables to help format text and graphics on your pages.