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Who can join, and what does it cost?
Only Clipart Related Sites may be added(all others will be removed). No racist, hate, pornographic, etc. web site will be accepted. Joining is free. We reserve the right to reject any site we deem inappropriate, or in direct conflict with cksinfo.com.

How exactly does it work?
Click on "Add your Site" fill out the form and your site will be automatically added(after you add the voting code to your page, and at least one hit is sent to the voting script) when the next system re-rank occurs. Ranking is updated(every 15 minutes). All pages are reset(hit in & out are zeroed) every 72 hours. You must send at least 1 vote in every 24 hours to be included. The more votes you send, the higher up in the rankings your site will be listed, and the more exposure(and traffic) you'll receive. The script will auto-e-mail you your USERNAME and PASSWORD which you can use to change your account information, or view your stat totals at anytime. Remember, it pays to place your voting link in a prominent spot!

How does the voting work?
When a visitor to your site clicks on the voting link you've placed there, and comes through to the cksinfo.com, your site gets one credited "ranking hit in". The more hits "In", the higher a site appears in the ranking. Each one of those "Out" numbers represents a unique visitor going to a person's site from cksinfo.com.

How do I read the stats?
Rank - your current position on the top100
Title & Description - self explanatory
In - hits from your site
Out - hits sent to your site from top100

What, if after I join, I stop sending hits to the ranking list?
The voting script is aware of the activity from any given site. All sites inactive for 14 days are removed. You can always join again.

What, if I forget my password?
We send e-mail calling you silly names. Just kidding. Send e-mail to: biz_infoATcksinfo.com ( change "AT" to @ ) with your account e-mail address and mention you've forgotten your password. We'll be happy to help.

Why doesn't my own site stats jive with the "Outs" on the ranking list?
The script keeps very accurate stats, while most free stats programs do not. Also when your stat program starts its 24 hour cycle may be different than when the ranking list resets its stats. A free stat program that keeps reasonably accurate stat can be had at www.hitbox.com.

Why should I join?
To put it simply, more targeted traffic for your site. This fact alone, plus our full time promotional team, insures cksinfo.com will always be a very popular site.

Will there be advertising opportunities?
Advertising opportunities and pricing can be found here.

Send all suggestions and inquiries to: biz_infoATcksinfo.com ( change "AT" to @ )

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