--------------------------------- What level would be best for my business? (Domain or not)

It really depends on you. Most large business choose a Domain name because it allows them to use their company name as the main part of the URL(internet address) For example IBM internet address is "www.ibm.com". Easy to remember, right. If they didn't use a domain name it might look like this "www.myprovider.net/~ibm". A little harder to remember. A domain name is also a safer bet. If your internet provider goes the way of the dodo, and you do not have a domain name, your internet address becomes obsolete. This is because a non domain name is registered and tied to your internet provider, whereas a domain name is registered on domain servers elsewhere, and only uses your internet providers address as a place to send people once they type in your domain address. With a Domain name, if your I.P. disappears, you simply get another one, send the new I.P. address to the Domain name server administrators, and people typing in your same domain name will now be directed to your new I.P. I guess it really comes down to how serious are you about the internet. If you want to test the waters, try a non domain account( but keep in mind, if you change to a domain name later on, all those existing business cards, flyers, ads, etc. will have the old internet address on them). If your really serious about doing business on the web, consider a Domain name. Either way, it's still the best bang for your advertising buck.