Nichole's Cake Table(Pictured Above)Head Table and Lattice BackdropArchway and Topiaries
           Bonus:SwansHearts in the Forest
	    Heart Frame.
	     A beautiful wooden frame is decorated with tulle, grape ivy,
             strands of pearls, white roses, and Spanish moss.  It is
             designed to accommodate a small wedding cake or sit on your
             sweet table as a centrepiece.  A pair of glass frosted candle
             holders stand on each side.
           The price listed above also includes approximately
         7 to 8 hours labour for set-up and tear-down.
                  Centrepieces for tables and/or head table, programs
                  (i.e. word processing); gifts for guests; pew bows
                  for the service and/or head table; and other
                  decorations as required.
                    Hurricane Lamps & Floral Ring :
                           To rent:  $15 each
                          Purchase: (starting from)
                                     $30 each +pst  (decorating neck only)
                                     $45 each +pst  (includes floral ring)
                          Programs:  $1  each +pst
                    Table Dressing:  $5  each +pst
                    A deposit of $100.00 will be required.
	            Cheques payable to:  Elegant Settings.
	            For more information, call Judy Cerra.
                              (613) 829-8504 

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