Why choose Compmore.Net as your Internet Provider?
The answer is that we have one of the most advanced ISP infrastructures in the Ottawa Region. With the recent upgrade to our equipment and lines we can provide you, the customer with a fast and stable connection to the Internet.

Incoming Phone Lines
In the fall of 1996 we upgraded all of our phone lines to the new fibre ISP lines from Bell Canada. The new lines provide a very clean connection with very little line noise. All the new ISP lines are digital lines, and therefore we can provide analog or digital ISDN access to all of our customers. At the present time we have a total of 192 lines with provisioning to increase the number of lines when the need arises.

Outgoing Internet Access
At the present time we provide internet access to our customers via a T1 line through Roger's Network Services. The T1 line is a dedicated line that is not shared with any other Internet Providers.

Our Dial-up Equipment
At the time of our upgrade in the fall of 1996, we also replaced and upgraded all of our dialin equipment. The new equipment is the SHIVA LANROVER ACCESS SERVER, this equipment is rated #1 in the industry and provides excellent connection speeds/access and overall reliability. Another issue in selecting the SHIVA equipment is that they provide compatibility with the new standards and will allow for future upgrades to 56K modems. We are currently working with Shiva to provide reliable, stable 56K access to all of our customers.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us at info@compmore.net.

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